Announcing the John Williams Blogathon!

It goes without saying that John Williams is one of the most prestigious and influential composers in Hollywood history, and it also goes without saying that his scores are all memorable and unique in some way, maybe even singable. The Star Wars movies. Harry Potter. Indiana Jones. Superman. Valley of the Dolls. Catch Me If You Can. Hook. … Continue reading Announcing the John Williams Blogathon!

Seven Reasons To See “Superman”

The 1978 Superman is, in my opinion, one of the best superhero movies ever made. It wasn't the first time the Man of Steel hit the big screen. That honor goes to Kirk Alyn, who starred in the serials of the late forties and early fifties. It wasn't even the first time Superman had been … Continue reading Seven Reasons To See “Superman”

Monsters Unite

The crazy world of Hammer-Amicus is back... We all know that the Amicus filmmakers love their monsters. A lot. Crazy a lot. So why not go nuts? Instead of one or two monsters, how about a whole slew? That's what 1981's The Monster Club is about, and if one can get past the bouncer, there's plenty of … Continue reading Monsters Unite