City of Secrets

Class differences seem to be the theme for this week (It was totally inadvertent, I promise). This time, we're off to Germany to see what lies beneath in the 1927 film, Metropolis, a harrowing and complicated story of veiled dystopia. On one hand, it is among the first feature-length science fiction movies and really raised the bar in … Continue reading City of Secrets

A Way of Escape

The concept of escapism is something I've dipped my little toe into already on this blog, but when Ruth and Kristina announced their Things I Learned From the Movies blogathon, I decided to go a bit deeper--namely, the point at which I got what escapism means. I have grown up on old movies, mainly because of my parents. … Continue reading A Way of Escape

What’s Delicious?

Hi, everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas. Mine was quiet and simple by design, since my son has to keep his leg up for now. My in-laws came over. We had chicken crepes Florentine and shrimp with cocktail sauce. Did the usual Christmas-y stuff. Lots of delicious food. Too much, really. Not a bad … Continue reading What’s Delicious?