Announcing the Broadway Bound Blogathon!

Yep. This is big. Really big. First, I've never hosted a blogathon before, and second, the Great White Way has been the pinnacle of so many performers' careers for almost one-hundred fifty years. I know I delve into Broadway at least every other month on Taking Up Room, but it's such a massive subject that I wanted … Continue reading Announcing the Broadway Bound Blogathon!


Movies Eleven, 2018

When Gill tweeted a bunch of us yesterday about Cinema Shame's 2018 Shame List, I thought the idea was intriguing. Basically, participants would make time to watch films they're ashamed to say they've never seen. I don't know if I'm into the "shame" idea so much, though--I look at this more as an opportunity, and … Continue reading Movies Eleven, 2018