The So Bad It’s Good Blogathon Has Arrived!

Time to behold the worst of the worst, guys! Several of you hit the ground running and sent your posts in early, so kudos and thanks muchly. I'm looking forward to see what everyone else has got for us too, so here's to three days of pulled faces, guffaws, and belly groans. Without further ado... … Continue reading The So Bad It’s Good Blogathon Has Arrived!


The Unexpected Blogathon: Wrap Up

We have had a great weekend with these terrific entries! I would expect no less (Yeah, corny, but it had to be said, right?). It's always fun to see what kinds of things jump out at people when watching something new. Here's a fashionably late entry, and if anyone else has Unexpected contributions to add, … Continue reading The Unexpected Blogathon: Wrap Up

The Unexpected Blogathon Has Arrived

Ah, the long-expected Unexpected Blogathon! I will be updating this post throughout the next three days as new entries come in. We've got a great weekend ahead, with what I'm sure are plenty of surprises. Let's do this! Silver Screenings hits the ground running with this fab review of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The Story Enthusiast keeps … Continue reading The Unexpected Blogathon Has Arrived

One Week Until the Unexpected Blogathon

It's getting close, you guys...are you ready? Thanks again to everyone who's signed up already, too. And if anyone is looking to join us, feel free--the more, the merrier! Find the rules and current roster here, and enjoy. Since it's the end of November, here's a small preview of December: Here are the people to see … Continue reading One Week Until the Unexpected Blogathon

Announcing the So Bad It’s Good Blogathon!

OK, yes, the Unexpected Blogathon hasn't dropped yet, but I'm announcing the So Bad It's Good Blogathon now because I'm kind of excited about this idea. So excited that I'd like to hold it in February, which is filling up fast. Plus, Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews and I were talking on Twitter yesterday about this … Continue reading Announcing the So Bad It’s Good Blogathon!

One Month Until the Unexpected Blogathon!

Yep, we have thirty days to go. Thanks heaps to those of you who have already joined--I appreciate your enthusiasm! If this is the first you're hearing about our little event and want to get in on it, never fear, because there's plenty of time to sign up. Click here for the rules, pick your … Continue reading One Month Until the Unexpected Blogathon!

Announcing the Unexpected Blogathon!

Did you ever watch a film or a TV show that you knew nothing about, wasn't expecting to see, and ended up really liking? Or, were you ever disappointed in something you were expecting to love? I know I have. Now's your chance to tell the blogging world about it! Your picks can be from … Continue reading Announcing the Unexpected Blogathon!

The Broadway Bound Blogathon Is One Month Away

The calendar never lies, friends. Come June first, the curtain will rise on the blogging world's look at the Great White Way. Allow me to offer a great big thank you in advance to those of you who have already signed up. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support and enthusiasm (not … Continue reading The Broadway Bound Blogathon Is One Month Away

Announcing the Broadway Bound Blogathon!

Yep. This is big. Really big. First, I've never hosted a blogathon before, and second, the Great White Way has been the pinnacle of so many performers' careers for almost one-hundred fifty years. I know I delve into Broadway at least every other month on Taking Up Room, but it's such a massive subject that I wanted … Continue reading Announcing the Broadway Bound Blogathon!

Movies Eleven, 2018

When Gill tweeted a bunch of us yesterday about Cinema Shame's 2018 Shame List, I thought the idea was intriguing. Basically, participants would make time to watch films they're ashamed to say they've never seen. I don't know if I'm into the "shame" idea so much, though--I look at this more as an opportunity, and … Continue reading Movies Eleven, 2018