On One Hand: My Five Favorite Classic Stars

It's National Classic Movie Day again, and Rick has another question for us bloggers: Which five stars are your favorite? Eeeep. That's even tougher than last year's challenge. Anyone who's an old film lover knows there's so much to like about the Golden Age. Me, I always enjoy watching the repartee between Katharine Hepburn and … Continue reading On One Hand: My Five Favorite Classic Stars

Get Me To the (House) On Time

Time to go home. Well, sort of... I have to say, I've never done a review like this before. One of my favorite blogs is Hooked On Houses, but it's the kind of thing where I look but don't touch. Part of this is because I live in an apartment, so I have no skin in … Continue reading Get Me To the (House) On Time

Under the Big Top

As many of you have probably heard by now, Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus will be ending their 146-year run and heading for the history books. A very few folks have been presumptuously gloating, but I won't name names here. More often than not, though, a lot of people feel rather melancholy over the … Continue reading Under the Big Top

Hidden and Hiding

I'll level with you guys--it's been a tough year. Who hasn't had it tough? For me, it's family stuff, car stuff, money stuff, and don't even get me started on the election. Ugh. After a while life begins to feel colorless and closed-in, which can be dangerous or at least supremely stinky, and the best … Continue reading Hidden and Hiding

A Way of Escape

The concept of escapism is something I've dipped my little toe into already on this blog, but when Ruth and Kristina announced their Things I Learned From the Movies blogathon, I decided to go a bit deeper--namely, the point at which I got what escapism means. I have grown up on old movies, mainly because of my parents. … Continue reading A Way of Escape

“Is Good. We Do Not Have To Go To the Bank.”

Today my son started fourth grade (yipe), and you know what that means: Time to study state history. In our case, that of course is California, which I love, and I'm excited because we've got a ton of history right in our own backyard. Our curriculum looks fairly awesome, too. Besides a Friday class at our … Continue reading “Is Good. We Do Not Have To Go To the Bank.”

In Memoriam

As you know, Harper Lee died yesterday. Wow, I don't know where to begin here. What can I say that doesn't seem like plagiarism? I feel like paraphrasing Reverend Sykes after Atticus lost the Robinson case: "Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Ms. Lee's passing." Harper Lee was a woman who famously shunned the spotlight after … Continue reading In Memoriam

What’s Delicious?

Hi, everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas. Mine was quiet and simple by design, since my son has to keep his leg up for now. My in-laws came over. We had chicken crepes Florentine and shrimp with cocktail sauce. Did the usual Christmas-y stuff. Lots of delicious food. Too much, really. Not a bad … Continue reading What’s Delicious?

Tangled Web, Tangled Life

Simply put, life is in a kind of crazy limbo right now. My husband's been at home on disability since May (he's recovering from a work injury--a bone spur). My son will be having tendon transfer surgery at Shriner's a week from today (his second--he's got bilateral clubfoot). These issues aren't life-threatening, but it's still … Continue reading Tangled Web, Tangled Life