Sold: The 1970 MGM Auction

*Insert lion's roar here* There's no such thing as being too big to fail. MGM was always one of the biggest and most successful studios in Hollywood, but when they fell, they fell hard. Not that it was a surprise to anyone in the post-Production Code, post block-book era, seeing as MGM's fortunes had been … Continue reading Sold: The 1970 MGM Auction

Announcing the Fifth Broadway Bound Blogathon!

Can you believe the Broadway Bound Blogathon is turning FIVE? Oh my word. That's kind of amazing. A lot of people have been asking me when we're going down the Great White Way again and here's our chance. However, this year our jaunt is happening in September because those wacky folks at the Tony committee … Continue reading Announcing the Fifth Broadway Bound Blogathon!

Show Me the Money

Saddle up... The Man With No Name is back in 1965's For A Few Dollars More, only this time he's called Monco, and the world is a different place. The bounty killer is king, and his kingdom is built on taking out murderous, grabby bad men who think nothing of killing women and children if … Continue reading Show Me the Money

Beauty On A Budget

Let the strangeness begin... Roger Corman liked the out-of-the-ordinary to say the least, and 1959's The Wasp Woman is no exception. It's a quick movie and very straightforward, so we're going to dive right in. The movie starts with a guy collecting wasps from a hive in the woods, because of course it does. His name is … Continue reading Beauty On A Budget

With the Crew of the “Memphis Belle”

As we all know, a big part of the Second World War was each side bombing the other for various purposes. Britain and the United States tagteamed their bombing of German war production sites; the Brits went at night, but the Americans chose to drop their bombs during the daytime. Both actions were risky, but … Continue reading With the Crew of the “Memphis Belle”

Who Are You Really, Frank?

It sounds funny nowadays, but there was a time when commercial pilots were treated like rockstars. Obviously it's always taken a lot of training and testing to become a pilot, but for Frank Abagnale it was a stepping stone. 2002's Catch Me If You Can tells some of his story, or at least it seems to, and … Continue reading Who Are You Really, Frank?

Aviation In Film: Day Two

We're back on the tarmac with another round of great entries, all, and here's Day One if anyone missed it. Let's go... Le from Crítica Retrô has a very intriguing article for us about Brazilian aviation pioneer Santos Dumont and his adventures in cinema. Emily from The Flapper Dame brings us her thoughts on the 1953 John Wayne film, Island … Continue reading Aviation In Film: Day Two

The Aviation In Film Blogathon Has Arrived

It's here, guys. Prepare for takeoff... And yes, I'm going to get in as many aviation puns as I can because how often do any of us get such a perfect chance? Anyway, here we go with all our great Day One posts... Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews kicks things off with 1979's Hanover Street, starring a very … Continue reading The Aviation In Film Blogathon Has Arrived

Indiana Jones Vs. the Red Baron

Contact... Ever see the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles? Also known as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, it was on in the early nineties and one of my favorite shows in high school. Not only was Sean Patrick Flanery really, really cute, but Indy got around. Forrest Gump would be jealous of the number of historical figures Indy … Continue reading Indiana Jones Vs. the Red Baron

My Four Favorite Noirs

Happy National Classic Movie Day! I'll be honest: Noirs aren't my default choice when it comes to movies. I guess it depends on my mood. Sometimes I've looked at those shadowy scenes and wondered if the characters have ever seen daylight or worn any outerwear other than a trench coat and a fedora. Or ever … Continue reading My Four Favorite Noirs

One Week Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

One week to go, people. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Time flies. See what I did there? Again? Also again, thanks lots to everyone who has signed up, and if anyone would like to join us, feel free! Find all the details here. Can't believe we only have one week till … Continue reading One Week Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

Paddy Lee and ‘The Patsy’

Time to celebrate Paddy... One of the last blogathons that our dear friend, Paddy Lee participated in was the Odd Or Even Blogathon the lovely Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews and I held back in January. For those of you who missed that event, we had a coin toss decide whether our participants would review a … Continue reading Paddy Lee and ‘The Patsy’

The Hardys Take Manhattan

Anything that can go wrong... MGM made sixteen Andy Hardy films. It might sound funny to us today, but movie serials were the thing before the advent of TV, and the Hardy movies were easy and quick to shoot because they used the same sets and mostly the same cast every time. Plus the stories … Continue reading The Hardys Take Manhattan

One Month Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

We already have thirty days to go. Wow. I feel like I just announced this thing, guys. Time flies and all that stuff. Yes, pun intended. 🙂 And wow, your enthusiasm is awesome. We already have a great variety of films, genres and eras in our roster, which I'm looking forward to reading during our … Continue reading One Month Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

The Play’s the Thing

Mr. Holden's back... By 1943 William Holden had been in films for five years, and his roles were steadily growing in size and importance. It's ironic that one of his movies from that year was Young And Willing, about green-as-grass hopefuls trying to break into show business. The movie feels like something we've seen before, only … Continue reading The Play’s the Thing