Why I’ve Seen “Since You Went Away” Umpteen Times

Since You Went Away is very well-trod territory for me. I've parsed it, studied it, scoured the Web for information about it. I've even counted the number of times the movie mentions war bonds and stamps (five times and twice, respectively, in case anyone is wondering). For those who might not be familiar with the plot, it follows … Continue reading Why I’ve Seen “Since You Went Away” Umpteen Times

Shamedown #1: The Beautician And the Beast

Shamedown Numero Uno, people. If anyone missed my Shame List post and wants to know what the heck a Shamedown is, please click here. Fran Drescher's brand always seems to be that of the big-haired, nasal-voiced misfit creating her own niche (Who remembers The Nanny? Or that pantyhose commercial?), and what I always liked about … Continue reading Shamedown #1: The Beautician And the Beast

One Week Until the Odd Or Even Blogathon!

We're getting close to the Odd or Even Blogathon, all, and Gill and I are looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks so much to everyone who's signed up--we really appreciate everyone's interest and enthusiasm! Even though this blogathon idea is a little different than most, you all have gotten into it and we like … Continue reading One Week Until the Odd Or Even Blogathon!

Shamedown 2022: Return of the Shame

Remember Shamedowns? I haven't done any of these posts in a couple of years, but they're coming back for 2022 and just as penitent as ever. For those of you who are new to Taking Up Room and don't know what a Shamedown is, it's simply this: Every year the fine folks at Cinema Shame … Continue reading Shamedown 2022: Return of the Shame

One Month Until the John Williams Blogathon!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone's enjoyed their holidays. It's my second day back at work, and I'm pretty happy about it because it's fun seeing everyone coming off that Yuletide glow. Anyway, in another month the John Williams Blogathon will be upon us, and thanks very much to everyone who's signed up! We're going to … Continue reading One Month Until the John Williams Blogathon!

One Month Until the Odd Or Even Blogathon!

Ah, the end-of-the-year rush. It feels as if Gill and I just announced the Odd Or Even Blogathon, and here we are with a month to go until its commencement. Have you signed up yet? I know some people may have found our initial rules confusing, but hopefully that's all fixed and more people can … Continue reading One Month Until the Odd Or Even Blogathon!

Pierce Brosnan, Diamond Thief

Bond. James Bond. Oh, wait... Pierce Brosnan is quite the elegant actor, whether he's Bond or not. I remember watching him when he was on Remington Steele and when he was a perfect Phileas Fogg in the Around the World In 80 Days miniseries. And of course, no one who's seen it can forget his Stuart Dunmeyer … Continue reading Pierce Brosnan, Diamond Thief

My Favorite Moments From “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Few movies, holiday or otherwise, are as iconic as 1946's It's A Wonderful Life, and I'm not going in for hyperbole here. We see this thing everywhere. It's parodied, excerpted, tributed, shown in the background in various languages (looking at you, Home Alone 2) and we know it like green bean casserole or Mom's sugar cookies. … Continue reading My Favorite Moments From “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Hanging Out With Felix Bressart

Felix Bressart was a familiar face on the big screen in the nineteen-forties. Affable, supportive, and a little goofy, Bressart was typically cast as the friend, the co-worker, the genius, sometimes the buffoon, or maybe a combination of all of those, but whatever shoes he landed in, he was always a welcome sight. Bressart was … Continue reading Hanging Out With Felix Bressart

Femme Dracula

I am woman, hear me roar... The Dracula universe is most definitely equal opportunity, and the sequel to the 1931 classic is 1936's Dracula's Daughter. Even though it might be nowhere near its predecessor in terms of quality or notoriety, it has some fun moments. It opens where the 1931 film left off. Two policemen … Continue reading Femme Dracula

Of Marriages and Mortgages

Hello, Mr. Brett... When Carissa announced this blogathon I felt a wee bit giddy because Sherlock Holmes always comes to mind when I think of Jeremy Brett. He IS Sherlock Holmes in my opinion, no offense to any of the other guys who have played the character. However, I wanted to look at Brett's other … Continue reading Of Marriages and Mortgages

Announcing the Odd or Even Blogathon!

Another announcement...what??? Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews and I have been wanting to co-host another blogathon since our Home Sweet Home event last year (which was a total blast), and after hashing out some ideas we have something we hope you'll like. Put it this way: It's kinda like a blogathon and a game show had … Continue reading Announcing the Odd or Even Blogathon!

Announcing the Fourth So Bad It’s Good Blogathon!

Uh huh. It's on the horizon. In a few months we cringe, flinch, wince, and in all other ways express chagrin at the phenomenon known as the Bad Movie. Every kind of bad movie is fair game here. Obscure TV movies, blockbusters, straight-to-video monstrosities, Disney sequels, mockbusters, whatever--anything that doesn't float your boat is fodder … Continue reading Announcing the Fourth So Bad It’s Good Blogathon!

The Distraction Blogathon: Wrapup

Welcome back, all! I hope everyone's enjoyed reading everything. I know I have, and I'm not nearly done yet. Already, though, I'm seeing a pattern: Everyone is distracted by something different, and distractions aren't always planned or come off well. Still, it's fun taking the ride, isn't it? If anyone is just joining is, this … Continue reading The Distraction Blogathon: Wrapup

Six Things You Might Not Know About “Psycho”

What in the world can that be? We all know 1960's Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock's most infamous movie. Even those who haven't seen the film feel like they have because that shower scene has been parodied and referenced ad nauseum over the past sixty years. Here's a famous example (one of several just in Simpsons … Continue reading Six Things You Might Not Know About “Psycho”

The Distraction Blogathon Has Arrived

OK, so remind me again why we're here? Just kidding. Welcome to the Distraction Blogathon, where, for the next three days, we're going to talk about all the different ways movies mess with us. Throughout this weekend I'll be updating this post with links to your wonderful reviews, so keep checking back. We'll also have … Continue reading The Distraction Blogathon Has Arrived

Announcing the John Williams Blogathon!

It goes without saying that John Williams is one of the most prestigious and influential composers in Hollywood history, and it also goes without saying that his scores are all memorable and unique in some way, maybe even singable. The Star Wars movies. Harry Potter. Indiana Jones. Superman. Valley of the Dolls. Catch Me If You Can. Hook. … Continue reading Announcing the John Williams Blogathon!