Can’t Unsee This

Day Three. Oh boy. We've gone from Bad to Really Bad to Makes Birdemic Look Like Citizen Kane. I'm talking about the pungently trashy Killer Piñata. Gee, wonder what the plot of this little 2015 film is gonna be? The first few minutes are harbingers of the hilarity to come. A shopkeeper (Joette Waters) with a hook for a … Continue reading Can’t Unsee This

So Bad It’s Good 2021: Day Three

We have come to Day Three, people, and there's more badness on offer. As usual, please send me your wonderful posts throughout the day and I'll add them as soon as I can. Here are Days One and Two if anyone is coming in late (or maybe wants to reread something). All righty, off we … Continue reading So Bad It’s Good 2021: Day Three