The Leap Year Blogathon: Wrapup


It’s kind of odd writing about a day that happens every four years. It’s like Brigadoon, only time doesn’t stop in between Leap Days.

Anyways, I hope people enjoyed the blogathon yesterday. I’m having fun reading all your posts, and it’s awesome that everyone took this Leap Day thingie and ran with it. Please be patient with me because I’m still working through everything you all sent in, but I promise I will read everything.

As usual, if anyone missed something from yesterday, all our wonderful bloggers’ posts can be found here. Also as usual, if anyone has any late posts, fret not–we can still add them to our Rogue’s Gallery. It’s all good.

I would say we should do this again next year, but yeah…oops. In 2024, though, who knows? We just may go leaping again. I know, I know, I couldn’t resist. 😉

Thanks heaps to everyone who sent in posts as well as to everyone who read them. You all rock! Have a great Sunday, and I hope you’ll check back here on Wednesday because a new “Stage To Screen” will be up. Hasta luego…

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