Baum the Movie Mogul

Surprise, everyone... Yesterday when I was posting everyone's Day One entries, I realized something: It's not only the eightieth anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, but the hundredth anniversary of L. Frank Baum's death. Obviously, we wouldn't be talking about this classic film right now if it wasn't for this man. Baum was ahead of his time … Continue reading Baum the Movie Mogul

The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Day Two

Welcome back, everyone! Ready for Day Two? Okeydokey, let's jump right into it (Day One's posts can be found here). Sean Munger looks back on his childhood experiences with Oz, as well as the history of the film. Le from Crítica Retrô examines the Song of the Century, "Over the Rainbow" and how the song came … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Day Two