I Feel Fine

Nice to see you, Mr. Goldblum... I'm really not surprised that Gill decided to host a Jeff Goldblum Blogathon. We used to have Follow Fridays With Jeff Goldblum on Twitter, where a bunch of us would post Goldblum gifs and wish each other a happy weekend and stuff like that (Goldblumers represent!). I figured it … Continue reading I Feel Fine


The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Is One Week Away

We're almost there, at last, at last! Are you ready? If anyone still wants to join, there's plenty of room on the Yellow Brick Road, so check here for the details. Those of you who have already signed up, thanks so much, and I hope you're ready to go to Oz. Okeydokey, my review of … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Is One Week Away