Broadway Bound 2019: Day Three

We've come to the third and final day of our blogathon, and there's more wonderfulness in store. The lights have flickered, signaling the end of Intermission, and now the curtain rises on Act Three... Love Letters To Old Hollywood's mini Marilyn tribute comes to a close with a look at the underrated 1960 gem, Let's Make Love. … Continue reading Broadway Bound 2019: Day Three

Broadway Bound 2019: Day Two

We've had a stellar opener (see Day One here), and now to continue the festivities. Off we go, Broadway lovers... Love Letters To Old Hollywood starts us off again with a review of 1955's The Seven Year Itch. Yes, that's the one where Marilyn's dress goes floof. 18 Cinema Lane brings on the 1940 film, Little Nellie Kelly, in which (spoiler alert!) … Continue reading Broadway Bound 2019: Day Two

King Cole

I'm more of an Irving Berlin fan than a Cole Porter fan, to be honest, but I still like quite a few Porter songs. They're very catchy and endlessly singable, many with graceful, almost operatic melodies. Porter's 1946 biopic, Night and Day, is a delightful, almost non-stop revue of Porter's catalogue, set against the backdrop of his … Continue reading King Cole

Broadway Bound 2019: Day One

Arise and seize the day...the Second Annual Broadway Bound Blogathon has now arrived! For the next three days, it's all about the Great White Way. We've got musicals, we've got plays, we've got stage and screen luminaries, and we've got wonderful bloggers to regale us with their thoughts. Let's get right to it. Love Letters … Continue reading Broadway Bound 2019: Day One

The Man Who Owns Broadway

Here's the first of three Broadway biopics. My dad is going to be so proud of me for this one. In 2017's National Classic Movie Day post, I mentioned that my family has watched Yankee Doodle Dandy every year on the Fourth of July since the eighties. Well, my dad still does, but the rest of us … Continue reading The Man Who Owns Broadway