A Bigger, Healthier Tomato

We've seen a Guilty Pleasure Movie. We've seen a Plain Old Bad Movie. Now, for my third post, we're going to see a "How the Heck Did THIS Get Greenlighted?" Movie. So not kidding. Buckle up, everyone. As you all know, the seventies were a notoriously dicey decade for cinema. They've been well represented this … Continue reading A Bigger, Healthier Tomato

So Bad It’s Good: Day the Third

We have come to the last day of the So Bad It's Good Blogathon, and we've got some great entries about some truly awful movies. No, really. They're bad. Here are Day One and Day Two if anyone missed them. And without further suspense, let's get right to it. 😉 For The Midnite Drive-In's third … Continue reading So Bad It’s Good: Day the Third