Another Year

Taking Up Room is now two. Wow, this has been a big year.

One of the things about 2017 that blows my mind is that as of next week I will have gotten to participate in a whopping twenty-two blogathons. In 2016 I only did four. Blogathons are addictive. I hesitate to call 2017 the Year of the Blogathon, though, because I have no idea what 2018 is going to look like. Maybe I’ll host a blogathon or two of my own; I don’t know. I have some ideas, but I don’t think my readership is big enough yet.  I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and posting comments (I’m behind, though, I admit). I’m so grateful and thankful to be part of this community of movie-loving bloggers and readers of blogs–it’s fun getting to know all of you.

So here’s to whatever comes in 2018, and I do mean whatever. It’s gonna be fun. And no, I didn’t forget the cake… 🙂

Source: Instasayings

Hope no one minds that it’s chocolate again. Thanks heaps for a great year, you guys. See you next time!

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