Back To Stars Hollow, Part Two

Warning: Sorry, but you're no safer from spoilers today than you were in Part One. Less so, in fact, since I will be revealing the mysterious final four words Ms. Amy's been holding in her head for years. If you haven't watched A Year In the Life yet, well, you know what to do. When we … Continue reading Back To Stars Hollow, Part Two

Back To Stars Hollow, Part One

Warning: There are spoilers a-plenty here, so if you're planning on watching A Year In the Life and haven't yet, go watch first. Unless you like spoilers, which I totally get. Anyhoo... If you remember my review of the MacGyver redux, you already know my position on Hollywood's reboot craze. Retreads, prequels, sequels, and adaptations make up more … Continue reading Back To Stars Hollow, Part One

Hidden and Hiding

I'll level with you guys--it's been a tough year. Who hasn't had it tough? For me, it's family stuff, car stuff, money stuff, and don't even get me started on the election. Ugh. After a while life begins to feel colorless and closed-in, which can be dangerous or at least supremely stinky, and the best … Continue reading Hidden and Hiding