Re-post: Seven Things I Hate About the New Ben-Hur Movie

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the Ben-Hur remake, and that probably won’t change unless I can look at it for free. The story has been done to death, quite honestly, which isn’t a shock because the novel is epic. However, when people like Charlton Heston have already put in such fantastic performances, in my opinion it’s best to showcase that and leave the material alone in the future. But…progress, or something. Anyway, Yankee Gospel Girl’s new blog entry has made me very comfortable in my current position, and I thought I’d share her take with you all. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you thought of Ben-Hur.

[Note: If you were genuinely moved by the new Ben-Hur movie, chances are good you’ll be offended by this post. I wish to offend no man needlessly, so if you fit this description, you’ve been warned.] “Why do they need to re-make Ben-Hur?” My sister asked this question the other day. It’s a good question. I’ll let you decide […]

via Seven Things I Hate About the New Ben-Hur Movie — Yankee Gospel Girl

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