Unboxing Bogie, Part Two

All righty, my brain is somewhat rested. The last couple of weeks were busier than I thought. Oh, and the dog ate my homework. šŸ˜‰ So, without further ado let's get back to Bogart. Across the PacificĀ (1942): AfterĀ The Maltese FalconĀ and beforeĀ Casablanca, Bogart played Rick Leland, an officer drummed out of the Army. Rick's punishment was … Continue reading Unboxing Bogie, Part Two

Unboxing Bogie, Part One

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone! Has the dust settled for you all yet? My son and I have gotten back into our school routine, my husband is back at work, and our fake Christmas tree is back in the closet. I also realized when I got all the presents organized that I received five Humphrey … Continue reading Unboxing Bogie, Part One